Enterprise Cloud Coalition Launched by Technology Industry Leaders

Box, Dropbox, Okta, Slack, Twilio, Workday, and Zendesk Unite to Launch Coalition Dedicated to Advising Policymakers on Enterprise Cloud Computing Opportunities

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – June 13, 2019 – Seven companies – Box, Dropbox, Okta, Slack, Twilio, Workday, and Zendesk – today announced the launch of the Enterprise Cloud Coalition (ECC). The founding companies share a commitment to ensuring policymakers understand the critical role cloud computing plays in business – from data protection, to business growth, and continued innovation – and the impact it will have on the U.S. economy for years to come. 

ECC members will work with U.S. policymakers to foster a deeper understanding of cloud computing across the public sector by:

  • Articulating the benefits enterprise cloud computing offers;

  • Demonstrating how enterprise cloud services differ from those designed for consumer purposes; and

  • Promoting trust in cloud computing while encouraging growth and innovation among American cloud companies of all sizes.

Andrew Howell of Monument Advocacy will serve as executive director of the Coalition.

Given its focus on the enterprise market, the Coalition is committed to broadening policymakers’ business-to-business perspective on these topics as they work to address timely policy issues, including: 

Privacy. We urge Congress to pass strong federal privacy legislation that: outlines specific rights and protections granted to users under a national standard, clearly delineates the responsibilities of companies (including distinguishing between data controllers and data processors), is risk-based in order to accommodate smaller businesses and transitions from the notice and consent-based model to one recognizing that many businesses (B2B) may process data while having no direct relationship with consumers, and thus have limited opportunities to engage with a consumer or gain explicit end user consent. Strong U.S. privacy legislation is important for building and maintaining trust and must feature interoperability with other global data standards. Read more on privacy here.

Cybersecurity. As U.S. based companies that serve a global customer base, we have a unique perspective on the importance of the global interoperability of cybersecurity standards, both in ensuring market access and data security. This includes global standards on cybersecurity risk management, vulnerability disclosures, certification standards and the technical importance of encryption on infrastructure. Read more on cybersecurity here.

Free flow of data. The free flow of data is fundamental to the growth and operations of cloud-computing businesses. We will work to influence national policies and trade agreements to enable data to flow freely across the globe. Cloud computing is a unique technological innovation aimed at global availability of services, and our member companies support trade agreements that include strong digital trade chapters to ensure that consumers benefit from our services through the free flow of data. Read more on the free flow of data here. 

Artificial intelligence (AI). As AI technologies are nascent, we will work to ensure that regulations both promote AI’s growth and consider how AI is applied in the enterprise context. Additionally, the ECC believes that industry has a responsibility to ensure that all intelligent systems be built in an ethical way to respect privacy and mitigate bias.  Read more on AI here

Speaking about the Coalition, ECC Executive Director Andrew Howell commented, “The technology landscape is evolving rapidly and this group of leading enterprise cloud computing companies can bring important contributions to the public policy debate on privacy, cybersecurity, AI and the free flow of data. We are excited about the launch of the Enterprise Cloud Coalition and look forward to offering a distinct perspective on how technology companies can foster trust through meaningful input on policy issues such as privacy, innovation and security.”  

To learn more about the ECC click here.

The Enterprise Cloud Coalition (ECC) is a group of companies who are united by a common, enterprise-focused business model and shared policy concerns. ECC companies share a commitment to working with U.S. policymakers to foster a deeper understanding of cloud computing across the public sector by articulating the benefits enterprise cloud computing offers, and demonstrating how enterprise cloud services differ from those designed for consumer purposes.