Enterprise Cloud Coalition Members Are:

Cloud-Based Service Providers: We store and transmit data on behalf of our customers using cloud-computing technology. The growth of the cloud computing economy relies on trust. Trust in the cloud requires strong privacy and cybersecurity protections that instill confidence in cloud computing, as well as reliability of the free flow of data across borders. Local data storage or processing requirements at the global and state level pose a unique challenge to cloud-computing.

Enterprise Focused: We are B2B companies that process data on behalf of other companies. That means our business models are subscription or transaction-based, and we do not monetize user data for advertising. We also have rigorous contractual obligations on the privacy and security models we implement on behalf of our enterprise customers.

U.S.-Based Companies with Global Customer Bases: We grow the innovation economy domestically, helping our U.S. customers reach global markets, in addition to serving customers in global markets ourselves. Trade agreements that contain strong digital trade provisions and guarantee the free flow of data are critical to the growth of our cloud-based businesses.

Innovative Businesses: We have business models that are based on solving inefficiencies in long-standing industries through technological innovation. We embrace new technologies such as artificial intelligence, while prioritizing ethical standards and safeguards that promote trust.

Representative of a Technology Sector: The cloud computing economy plays an increasingly critical part of the internet economy, and the economy as a whole. We power economic growth both in our own companies and in the economic growth of the enterprises and small businesses we serve. The enterprise cloud market now generates $20 billion in revenue per quarter, with 32% annual growth, and the cloud-based SaaS companies like ours power business operations economy-wide.[1]

[1] Synery Research Group. “Quarterly Sass Spending Reaches $20 billion” August 21, 2018. https://www.srgresearch.com/articles/quarterly-saas-spending-reaches-20-billion-microsoft-extends-its-market-leadership

About the Enterprise Cloud Coalition

The Enterprise Cloud Coalition (ECC) was formed by a group of similarly positioned business to business (B2B) companies that use cloud computing to process data on behalf of other companies with business models that do not monetize user data for advertising.

In the two decades since the Federal Trade Commission issued its first Privacy Online report expressing concerns about consumer data, the global economy has gone online, and innovations in technology have led to a proliferation of data as well as myriad challenges to protecting that data.

Therefore, the members of the ECC have come together to educate lawmakers on the critical role that cloud-computing will play in shaping the economy for years to come.


Why We Created the Enterprise Cloud Coalition

Given our unique business model as cloud-based enterprise companies that do not monetize user data for advertising, our relatively early positions in the business model lifecycle, and the unique policy concerns that come from being B2B providers, ECC members are united in our belief that we should raise our common voice on policy issues critical to our industry.

Our members offer a distinct perspective on how technology companies can promote trust through meaningful input on policy issues such as privacy, s free flow of data, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Key Enterprise Cloud Coalition Policy Objectives Include:

Educating about Innovation in the Cloud

ECC members are united in the importance of educating lawmakers and regulators on the cloud-based enterprise economy and our role in promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and support for our customers and the consumers they serve.

Promoting Trust in the Cloud

ECC members are united in calling for public policy and regulatory initiatives that promote trust in cloud computing. For example, we can provide technological suggestions on emerging technologies and security-based standards-making, based on our expertise as innovative cloud-based technology companies.

Championing Privacy as a Business Imperative. 

ECC members are united in recognizing that strong privacy protections are important to the continued growth and success of our business models. As enterprise-facing cloud companies that do not monetize user data through advertising, we believe that privacy is a fundamental value that should be reflected in national laws, recognizing that those laws will differ from country to country.